“DIY Smart Saw” Let You Build Your Own CNC

The DIY Smart Saw program is designed to give everyone from woodworking novices to experts an easy-to-use, easy to access Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. CNC machines are often used in the manufacturing industry to yield precise construction, and that’s exactly what the DIY Smart Saw program does for woodworking.

Where did the DIY Smart Saw come from?

DIY Smart Saw creator Alex Grayson is an engineer in the car industry and part-time inventor. He took up woodworking as a hobby, got super into it, and like all inventors inevitably do, he saw a need for something. After a lot of frustration and countless wasted hours and dollars spent on wood that was later ruined, he realized that the solution was really simple: Computer Numerical Control. This is what allows industrial manufacturers to get their uniformed designs perfectly executed. For someone with Mr. Grayson’s engineering background, this was the natural conclusion, and that was how the DIY Smart Saw came to be.

Does the DIY Smart Saw program really work?

The DIY Smart Saw program teaches you how to build a DIY Smart Saw from scratch using materials you can easily buy or already own. All you need is a computer with internet access and the power to build your own woodworking CNC machine.

The instructions are clearly laid out so even people who aren’t so technical can follow them. Set up is simple. Once you get the hang of designing, you’ve got the hang of the DIY Smart Saw program. It’s that easy.

What’s more is that since it’s a CNC machine, the DIY Smart Saw is mostly automatic and programmable so once you get a design you like you can repeat it over and over again, which makes it great for DIY-ers who are looking to monetize their hobby.

The number one benefit of the DIY Smart Saw program is that it teaches you how to build your own DIY CNC machine from scratch. First of all, you’ll probably be the only person on your block with a CNC machine in their home. Secondly, you’re probably going to be the only person in town who built one with their own hands. And finally, how many people can say that they built a CNC machine that aids them in the hobby they love? (In this case, woodworking.) The sense of self-satisfaction alone is pretty huge.

The practical benefits are also great. A lot of do-it-yourselfers like to monetize their hobbies and the DIY Smart Saw program will help you get there, because of its unique ability to replicate the same design again and again. Whereas you would have to manually carve the same thing repeatedly if you wanted to mass produce the old-fashioned way, with the DIY Smart Saw, the CNC machine does the work for you, which allows you to spend more time creating new designs.

Furthermore, there are a lot of people out there who love woodworking and DIY, but aren’t able to participate because of physical limitations. Once the DIY Smart Saw is assembled, those with aching, arthritic hands can be more active in the hobby they love.

The only cons of the DIY Smart Saw program are: 1) You have to have internet access and 2) you have to set it up yourself following the instructions. However, most people will find that this unique system is worth the setup process—especially if they’re into mass-producing their woodwork, because it pays off in the end by saving you loads of time.

What do real people say about the DIY Smart Saw?

“I wanted to do a DIY project my kids and I can do together. They make the designs; I program them. Together, we paint and sell them. It’s a great family activity.” – Holly from Texas
“I’ve always been frustrated by my family’s policy of handmade-only Christmas gifts, because I’m not super artsy. Thanks to the DIY Smart Saw program, I’m not only able to make my own woodworks, but I’ve also learned a lot about design. My family is beyond impressed now.” – Devon from Tennessee

“I’ve always been a nerd when it comes to making mechanical devices at home, so as soon as I heard about the DIY Smart Saw, my friends in the science club and I decided to build it. So much fun!” – Daniela from Minnesota

“I always thought woodworking was an old guy’s pastime, but after my friend started making stuff with the DIY Smart Saw, I got into it and built one for myself. Now, I’ve graduated to making furniture and my wife loves it too. Pretty soon, we’ll be up to our neck in our own woodworking creations.” – Louis from Ohio